Let me tell you a little bit about myself. The important stuff you probably want to know. Firstly, I am passionate about counselling. I love seeing how it can work to bring about positive change in a person’s life. Secondly, I was so passionate about my work I undertook further study. I began my work as a Counsellor in 2015 with a diploma. I wanted to learn more, so I went on to earn a counselling degree through an incredibly rewarding university experience. Just when I thought that was enough, my deep connection with couple counselling began. This led me to complete an intensive study program with the Couples Institue. This study has allowed me to support many couples to change negative behaviours, improve communication and find connection again.

So, let’s summarise that  into where I am now, and  where my  passion has led me.

As a specialist relationship counsellor, I work with couples facing various challenges, including those navigating ADHD in Relationships and FIFO dynamics. Additionally, I provide support for individuals, couples, and families going through Separation & Divorce. My focus is guiding them through this difficult period with empathy and understanding.

My approach is characterised by a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, where clients feel comfortable opening up about their struggles. Based in Kalamunda, Perth, Western Australia, I also offer online counselling services nationwide.

Lastly, and I feel most importantly, I am deeply committed to my role as a counsellor.  I am driven by a passion for assisting individuals, couples, and families in navigating the complexities of relationships and crises. My aim is to provide unwavering support and guidance throughout the journey toward healing and growth.

my practice journey

  • Passion for counselling
  • Diverse experience
  • Focus on my niche

Embarking on my counselling journey in 2015 with a diploma, I fell in love with the work. Driven by a desire to deepen my understanding, I took the leap to pursue a counselling degree at university. The path was challenging, yet incredibly rewarding, shaping my knowledge and passion for the field.

Throughout my life, I’ve worked and volunteered in various industries, consistently focusing on connecting with others and building relationships. This, to me, is my happy place. I see purpose and strength in every individual I meet, even if they’re unable to see these qualities within themselves.

Upon completing my degree, I reopened my practice and ventured into providing well-being support in schools. I was deeply passionate about this role; it enabled me to support students in crisis and build supportive relationships with families. 

While I’ve always considered myself a general practice counsellor, the full-time return to my practice led me to discover my true niche—working with couples, individuals, and families in crisis.

Today, I channel my expertise and passion into helping clients navigate the complexities of relationships and family dynamics, providing support and guidance through challenging times.

my personal journey

  • Personal experience
  • Empathy & Expertise
  • Focus on my niche

My personal journey led me to specialise in the area of couple counselling and supporting individuals and families facing the challenges of separation and divorce. Having journeyed through my own separation, I know how this difficult time impacts all members of the family.


My own separation was an incredibly challenging chapter of my life. I was navigating complex relationship challenges, and eventually, the pain of a marriage breakdown and divorce, complete with the intricate complexities of shared children. There was pain, heartbreak, and the challenging task of managing my own emotions alongside the rollercoaster of my children’s feelings. In the midst of this, a beacon of hope emerged through counselling—a narrative twist that became our saving grace.


The counselling sessions provided a lifeline during those turbulent times. They became the tool that allowed not only me, but also my children to tolerate the pain.  This allowed us to turn the page toward eventual healing and growth.


Non-judgmental and unbiased counselling became the cornerstone during and after the crisis, offering a space for honesty and release.It was a lifeline during our most difficult and emotionally charged moments.

This personal journey fuels my passion to extend the same support and guidance to others facing their own challenges.

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