Is your relationship is in the midst of an emotional struggle? Are feeling confused, frustrated, feeling as though you are stuck in the same conflict cycle?

I provide you with a safe place to work together through your difficulties and the emotions you may be experiencing.


Relationship Struggles – Couple Counselling

The experiences that come when a relationship is struggling can be upsetting, confusing, frustrating and/or frightening. As a couple, your emotions can be very different, mixed and at times overwhelming. This can be an incredibly difficult, confusing and lonely time for both of you. You may be experiencing a lack of control or ability to move forward from a world of overwhelming emotion.

Couple Challenges – Couple Counselling

If your relationship is struggling, let me provide a safe place to work through thoughts and emotions. The support I offer and the work we can do together can help to bring understanding. Understanding is individual and joint which will strengthen your relationship during this time, and in the future. It will also support you to find clarity amid the chaos.

Working with Couples – Couple Counselling

The way I approach my work is to connect uniquely with each individual and who they are. I also work with you to understand who you are to each other within your relationship. This assists each person in a way that is unique to them while still maintaining a relational focus. I support each person to communicate about their challenges and concerns in a way that they feel safe, understood and included throughout each session.


There is always hope. If things don’t feel right, seek help. I look forward to hearing from you.


Couple Counselling for ADHD

Having ADHD in a relationship can be like having a secret third person involved. It can be incredibly tricky causing issues within the relationship which are hard to navigate. Why? Because even though there’s now a lot more access to information about ADHD, it does not necessarily make it any easier for couples to see how it affects them. But ADHD can have a huge impact on relationships. It can mess with emotions and make communication tough. Both of these things can then mess with how connected partners feel. Often, when ADHD is part of the picture, it can lead to feeling like something’s off. There can be constant arguing, feeling like you’re not good enough, and getting hurt.

ADHD Counselling

If you’re a couple dealing with ADHD, it’s super important to find a counsellor that gets what you’re going through. Finding the right counsellor can help with your relationship stuff. Regular counselling might not get how difficult ADHD can make things up for a couple. So, it’s crucial to find someone who understands and can help you both deal with it.


There is always hope. If things don’t feel right, seek help. I look forward to hearing from you.


FIFO Relationship Counselling

In FIFO relationships, where one partner works away from home for periods, the changing schedules can really challenge the relationship. I offer specialised couple counselling services with tailored strategies to help navigate the unique challenges inherent in FIFO lifestyles. The way in which I work empowers partners to build resilience and strengthen their connection.

FIFO Counselling

My counselling approach begins with a deep understanding of the specific dynamics at play in FIFO relationships. I recognise the impact of prolonged separations and irregular schedules on communication, intimacy, and overall relationship satisfaction. By acknowledging these challenges, I create a supportive space where couples can explore their concerns and develop effective coping mechanisms.

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