Counselling isn’t just for adults—it’s for everyone, including you!

Counselling for the heart and mind, where healing begins and connections thrive

I am so pleased you found me. Well, hang on, let’s be real! For many of you, you’re here because your parents are probably stressing about you and insisting you talk to someone!

However you found me I’m just glad you are here.

As a counsellor who works with young people like you, I get it. I understand the unique challenges you’re facing and the pressures you’re under. But I also know that you’re resilient, capable, and full of potential—and counselling can help you tap into that.

It can be a lot right? – Counselling Youth

I know, being a youth in today’s world is like juggling a million things at once – from school and social life to family and self-discovery. It can be a lot, right? Sometimes, talking to parents, even though you may love them to bits, can feel like they’re speaking another language. And then there are friends which come with their own complexities – the pressure to fit in, the fear of judgment when you just need a breather – it’s tough out there.

A Space for You – Counselling Youth

But guess what? The fact you are reading this means you are not alone. I am here, not just to listen but to genuinely understand what it’s like for you. Whether it’s the stress of exams, the excitement (or confusion!) of discovering who you are, or simply finding a chill space to be YOURSELF – this is a space where you can do that.

Scary? – Counselling Youth

Yeah, it may be a bit scary at first because it’s a whole new experience. New things can be a bit intimidating. You might wonder, ‘Will Sam get me?’ or ‘What if I say the wrong thing?’ or most popular “how am I going to start” “how will I say it?”. It’s normal to feel a bit anxious about opening up to someone, especially if it’s the first time. Also, being a teenager comes with its own set of challenges – dealing with school, figuring out who you are, managing relationships. Talking about all of this can feel like stepping into the unknown. But guess what? I think you may be able to relax a little! Something I am told by other people I worky with, who are around your age, is that I make this journey less scary. They say it is much more like talking with a good friend.

Someone to Talk to – Counselling Youth

So, if you are wanting someone to talk to who actually listens and wants to hear what you have to say, or even if you’re just reading this because your parents are insisting you talk with someone, guess what? I’m here to get to know you and ride life it with you during those difficult or horrible times! I will also love to be there for the good times. I want to make sure you’ve got a space to chat, vent, or figure out whatever’s on your mind. If you’re feeling the stress one day? Cool, we’ll tackle it together. On a longer journey of exploring who you are? Awesome, let’s do it!

Online or In Person – Counselling Youth

So, grab a virtual seat, or we can meet in person, and let’s chat about whatever is going on in your life whether it is making your heart race or your mind buzz.

Take care, Sam

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